Everyday Necessities Ft. Clinique

Everyday Necessities Ft. Clinique

Everyone knows the importance of clean and hydrated skin, but yet a lot of us neglect it (as did I). I know it could be time consuming, but it’s so worth it!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been dealing with extremely dry skin. Before being introduced to Clinique I would have to moisturize 3-4 times a day, but that all changed when I religiously started using Clinique’s 3-step skin care routine.


My day and night routine is pretty simple, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. I use the Liquid Facial Soap – Mild to help battle my dry skin combination. I then go on to use the Clarifying Lotion, an exfoliator which helps sweep away any buildup. Last but not least, my Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion – this is probably the best lotion I’ve ever used (not exaggerating)! It keeps my skin hydrated all day long. Not only that, it glows and softens my skin too.

Over the years Clinique has come out with a lot of impressive new products. Recently, I’ve substituted using the moisturizer for bedtime with Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. The texture is so creamy, it feels amazing on dry skin. I’ve been waking up with smooth, hydrated, and nourished skin ever since!

Every product I’ve used thus far has worked wonders for me. I’ve added a few more skin care items to my Clinique collection:

  1. Moisture Surge is a product I started using for mid-day moisture touch-ups! A little bit of this product goes a very long way. Instant moisture boost for sure.
  2. Moisture Surge Face Spray I use this over my makeup. You can call it a setting spray with an extra kick of moisture! Exactly what I need so my skin doesn’t feel parched!
  3. Pep-Start Eye Cream I only really use this when I want to reduce the puffiness around my eyes. It also visibly brightens and hydrates within seconds!
  4. Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Balm with dry skin I have very, very dry lips. If I don’t keep my lips moisturized, they get really sore and end up cracking. I use this lip balm throughout the day, anytime I feel even the slightest bit of dryness and especially after I’ve eaten. When I apply lipstick, it almost always results in dry lips. I always apply the perfecting balm before applying lipstick to lock down moisture and hydration.

I am so fond of Clinique that I even got my husband hooked on it. He uses the Charcoal Face Wash, and it gives him the perfect detoxification. He has oily skin, and this face wash takes care of that!

I’ve been using Clinique for over 11 years now and I don’t think I’ll ever trust any other brand – not when it comes to my skin.


My Go-To Drugstore Products

My Go-To Drugstore Products

My life is absolutely chaotic and I’m sure most mommies can agree. Today my husband spontaneously decides it’s date night. Yes, date night on a weekday. What has my life come to lol. I was not up for it because that would mean, getting my son ready (yes, he went with us lol), getting his diaper bag ready and then getting ready myself. But he insisted, I complied and I began getting ready. Meanwhile, my toddler is running around me in circles.

I finished doing my eye makeup and then I decided to try something different. Instead of using my go-to makeup products, I used drug store products. And I’m glad I did. I’ve used most of these products before but some I’m using for the first time. I was very impressed with how perfect these products turned out. Definitely worth every Penny.

The final look. Below is a list of everything I used.

Beauty doesn’t have to be expensive. And these items prove that.

New Years Eve

New Years Eve

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I can’t believe it’s 2018. Time is just flying by and I decided to make a comeback for New Years Eve this year as I was in hibernation mode for the last two years. I’ve been so busy with Zayan (my son) that I deserved a night out!

My friends and I have this New Year tradition where we go to the Thompson Hotel in the heart of Toronto every year. They always have a different party theme every year and this year it was the White and Black Ball. The hotel is clean, spacious, luxurious and the view is breathtaking!

Thompson hotel is the perfect location to celebrate the New Year. The venue is classy, elegant and CONVENIENT! The ball was set up in another area of the hotel, which meant that we didn’t have to step outside, in the cold weather with our sheer dresses, bare legs and high heels on.

Onto my outfit deets! It took me forever to find something I actually liked, I had to find an outfit last minute and it wasn’t easy! Anything & everything I wanted was either sold out or not my size! I was looking for a dress the entire time but then I thought, I should just put something together myself. And so I did. After roaming about a million different stores I finally came up with this.

All black, everything! Bodysuit and necklace from forever 21, velvet skirt from Dynamite, shoes and clutch from Le Chateau. I loved how this ensemble came together. Not only did it look good, it helped hide my love handles. *smirk smirk* Special shout-out to my husband who is also my photographer. You have no idea how many times I say “no, no not this one, take it again”

Everything was perfect about last night, except for my hair. *crying face* I legit spent 30$ getting it curled because I wanted it to look perfect! But the curls came out before I even got home which took less than 15 minutes. Such a disappointment. Thanks mama for the thin, straight, flat and unflattering hair.

My makeup on the other hand though! It was ah-maze-ing! I wish I had a close up shot but unfortunately I don’t! You’re just going to have to take my word for it. I went for a soft brown look. Details are below!

I found a Snap, does this count?


Eyes & Brows


Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is around the corner and these products make perfect holiday gifts for you, or your loved ones.

Below is a list of items that I literally live by! I’ve given a short but notable review on most of the items.

So let’s get started!! * drumroll*

SEPHORA FAVOURITES Give Me Some Nude Lip: This little lip kit includes brands like Bite Beauty, Buxom, Estee Edit, Marc Jacobs, Too Faced and Urban Decay. You can get the upgraded version of this kit.

Lilly Lashes: I have just recently started using Lilly Lashes and I am in love! Goddess, Tease, Diamonds and Lyla are my favourite styles! Get them Here.

Huda Beauty Lashes: I have tried a few of her lashes in different styles but the only style I actually like is Samantha. Huda Beauty products are available online at Sephora.

Huda Beauty Lip Contour: I swear by Huda Beauty liquid matte lipstick. I can go an entire day and night without it smudging or coming off! I know, mind blowing! My go to lip colour right now is Spice Girl.

Huda Beauty 3D Highlight Pallet: If you want the ultimate glow, I strongly recommend this product!! If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with Huda Beauty products. I have yet to try the #fauxfilterfoundation as Sephora is all sold out *sad emoji* but when I do get ahold of her foundation I’ll be sure to write a review!

Estée Lauder Double Wear: This product lives up to its name! Stay-in-Place Makeup, gives a flawless finish! This is a perfect gift that you can get yourself.

Leyla Milani Hair: My hair is naturally straight and flat, and I hate that! So if you know someone who has the same problem I do, get them the Big Hair Don’t Care Volume Boosting Powder! This product does wonders for me! Get this product Here.

Marc Jacobs Daisy: The beauty of this fragrance is that it’s soft and subtle and it still does its job.

Kylie Cosmetics: Kylie has a range of products. I have only tried her matte lipsticks and most of the colours do not suit me! Spice and Head Over Heels are hues that I found worked with my complexion. Nonetheless, her lip products are amazing! She has a limited edition holiday collection. Check it out Here.