5 Ridiculous Things I Was Told While I Was Pregnant!

If you can’t tell by now, I love making lists. So here’s a list of ridiculous things people told me while I was pregnant.

  1. “Drink lots of milk, your child will be fair” ahhhhh… no, that’s not how it works. And wouldn’t people question me if my husband and I are both medium tan and I come up with a white baby? WHEREEEE do people get their facts from? A lot of South Asian people believe that to be true. I wish they knew how genetics worked. (Sigh)
  2. “Why are you so small?”. “You’re going to have a small baby”. “You don’t even look pregnant”. “Is your baby even gaining weight?” If I had a dollar for every time I heard these few things during my 9 months of pregnancy – least to say I’d be rich. I’m small because my baby was sitting comfortably far back, closer to my spine. I may not look pregnant to you, but I feel very pregnant. And yes, my baby is gaining weight just fine, thanks for your concern. 🙄
  3. “Don’t tell anyone you’re having a boy, you’ll jinx it” excuse me? Yes because somehow, magically, the chromosomes that have already formed to create a boy will reform because someone jinxed me mid-pregnancy. Hmm sounds about right.
  4. “You’re acting like you’re the only one that’s ever been pregnant” I don’t even know what to say for this one. I would hear this from older ladies, mostly when I complained about any discomfort or pain. In South Asian families it’s apparently a very common thing to hear.
  5. “Dress in a way to hide your bump” SOMEBODY please go get me Harry Potters invisibility cloak. What purpose will hiding my bump even serve? 😒

Not only are all these things offensive, but also very baseless. I was actually so offended with the “drink milk” comment that I didn’t drink milk for my entire pregnancy lol. And “don’t tell anyone you’re having a boy” Um, girl or boy – both are a blessing. Having someone tell me that I’m small, or don’t even look pregnant – is far from a compliment. I would spend the entire week until my next appointment stressing out thinking maybe my baby isn’t growing. People really need to realize the impact words have on an individual, especially to a pregnant lady. Her hormones + your words = disaster!

If you think this is bad, wait until you read about all the things I’ve heard after my son was born.

Stay tuned! ❤️


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