Everyday Necessities Ft. Clinique

Everyone knows the importance of clean and hydrated skin, but yet a lot of us neglect it (as did I). I know it could be time consuming, but it’s so worth it!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been dealing with extremely dry skin. Before being introduced to Clinique I would have to moisturize 3-4 times a day, but that all changed when I religiously started using Clinique’s 3-step skin care routine.


My day and night routine is pretty simple, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. I use the Liquid Facial Soap – Mild to help battle my dry skin combination. I then go on to use the Clarifying Lotion, an exfoliator which helps sweep away any buildup. Last but not least, my Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion – this is probably the best lotion I’ve ever used (not exaggerating)! It keeps my skin hydrated all day long. Not only that, it glows and softens my skin too.

Over the years Clinique has come out with a lot of impressive new products. Recently, I’ve substituted using the moisturizer for bedtime with Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. The texture is so creamy, it feels amazing on dry skin. I’ve been waking up with smooth, hydrated, and nourished skin ever since!

Every product I’ve used thus far has worked wonders for me. I’ve added a few more skin care items to my Clinique collection:

  1. Moisture Surge is a product I started using for mid-day moisture touch-ups! A little bit of this product goes a very long way. Instant moisture boost for sure.
  2. Moisture Surge Face Spray I use this over my makeup. You can call it a setting spray with an extra kick of moisture! Exactly what I need so my skin doesn’t feel parched!
  3. Pep-Start Eye Cream I only really use this when I want to reduce the puffiness around my eyes. It also visibly brightens and hydrates within seconds!
  4. Pep-Start Pout Perfecting Balm with dry skin I have very, very dry lips. If I don’t keep my lips moisturized, they get really sore and end up cracking. I use this lip balm throughout the day, anytime I feel even the slightest bit of dryness and especially after I’ve eaten. When I apply lipstick, it almost always results in dry lips. I always apply the perfecting balm before applying lipstick to lock down moisture and hydration.

I am so fond of Clinique that I even got my husband hooked on it. He uses the Charcoal Face Wash, and it gives him the perfect detoxification. He has oily skin, and this face wash takes care of that!

I’ve been using Clinique for over 11 years now and I don’t think I’ll ever trust any other brand – not when it comes to my skin.


One thought on “Everyday Necessities Ft. Clinique

  1. This post is very helpful! I’ve been searching for skin care products and have been having a very hard time because there are so many options! I will for sure be trying Clinique! Thanks


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