Baby/Toddler Products I Love!

As a first time mom I wanted my baby to have absolutely everything he needed, so I went all out! Most of the products were really helpful, but then I also bought a lot of products that he didn’t like, so never used!

For When Baby Sleeps

It took us a lifetime to get Zayan to sleep on his own. I tried moving him to his room when he was fast asleep but even then, as soon as I would lay him down – he would wake up, very unpleased. Zayan was sharing our bedroom for quite some time. The Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard was perfect because it had a bassinet and changing table attached to it, but then he grew out of it. I absolutely loved this product for when Zayan was younger. It was so convenient. We used the playpen until he was 1. Once he grew out of the bassinet we moved him to his bed.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor  Zayan still wakes up every few hours during the night for milk, and I rely (heavily) on this monitor to make sure I know he’s up and moving. The high sensitivity microphone makes sure I can hear him even though our rooms are very far apart. Sometimes he gets fussy or starts moving around and I just soothe him from where I am with the two way communication feature.

For When Baby Dines

Baby Brezza Formula Maker Pro Some may think that moms who buy this product are lazy – I beg to differ. Moms do enough as it is, so having a product that helps minimize some of the work, is – well, helpful. Plus cleaning this machine every day, and then deep cleaning it every week, is anything but lazy. The reason I came to know about this formula maker was because Zayan had a lot of acid reflex, mostly caused by the air bubbles in his bottle. This Formula maker helps reduce the air bubbles and prepares a warm bottle in seconds! Although the machine warms the water, I still boil it before adding it in for my own satisfaction!

Baby Bullet Yep! The infomercials got me! Prepping baby food has never been easier. I make a few different meals at once. I end up having enough for the entire week and enough to freeze for later. A bonus – the Baby Bullet is so easy to clean!

Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer I love all things Tommee Tippee! I’ve been using this product since Zay started drinking homogenized milk. He still has Enfagrow A+ formula during the night to make up for any nutrients missed during the day. The bottle warmer takes less than 3 minutes to warm a hungry babies bottle!

Fisher-Price-4-in-1 High Chair I’m assuming every toddler likes their food on the ground rather than in their plate, because mine does! When you’re a mom you have to find products that are easy to clean for your own comfort. This product is easy-to-clean and comes with built-in storage for baby wipes.

For When Baby Travels

We’ve traveled a lot since Zay was born and there are so many items I depend on when travelling with a baby.

Bily Stroller An easy to fold stroller is a must-have when travelling! So I bought this one. This stroller has a lot of storage space and the seat reclines all the way. Perfect for baby naps on the go!

Before our trip to Mexico my husband kept trying to talk me out of buying this stroller. He wanted to use the one we already had (which is much bigger). His theory, the hotel has elevators. Much to his surprise, the hotel only had elevators in the main lobby. The only way to get to our room on the third floor was by a flight of stairs. And so everyday for the 7 days we were there; my husband carried the stroller up and down the stairs, multiple times a day. He’s so lucky it was lightweight.

JJ Cole Diaper Bag I’ve had this bag since Zayan was born and I don’t go anywhere without it. Zayan is almost two and its still in near-perfect shape. It has so many components, and holds everything I need when travelling. Convenience is key for moms and this bag is just that.

To warm bottles and food on-the-go I use the Tommee Tippie Bottle Warmer which is ideal for long trips.

bblüv Travel & Play Tent When we went to Mexico, this tent was literally what Zay would live in when we would go to the beach. He hated the sand so much that he wouldn’t even step out. The tent was perfect for blocking out shade and keeping unwanted pests out. The best part? We didn’t need to leave the beach for nap time because he would fall asleep in the tent.

Plane rides are always easy-peasy for me * Thank God * but if there is one thing I’ve learned when travelling is that you should always carry toys. Babies need entertainment too, especially during long flights.

For When Baby Is Sick

There are five main things I use when Zay gets sick. (Other than medication)

1 –  Safety 1st Forehead Thermometer So easy to use and my little Zay doesn’t get annoyed with the tool either.

2 –  Ultrasonic Humidifier Not only does this product help soothe a stuffy nose, I’ve noticed it helps with Zays’ Eczema. Provides quiet, cool mist throughout  the night!

3 – Munchkin ClearNose Nasal Aspirator A baby with a clogged nose is a nightmare. And so I deal with his clogged nose the best I can.

4 – Before I use the aspirator I use Hydrasense Nasal Spray to help assist with breathing better.

5 – To wipe his nose I use Boogie Wipes soft, non-irritable saline wipes.

For Baby Safety

My child is an explorer and he’s always getting himself into trouble. To be honest, I’ve tried a lot of baby safety items and they all work… until he figures out a way around it. For example, all of my cabinets, drawers and doors were child-proofed until – they weren’t (If you know what I mean). I also bought a Safety 1st Gate for the stairs and the gate was great but it worked for about two months until he learned how to climb over it.

He climbs. That’s his thing – he climbs over things, in things, out of things. And he never gets tired!

For Baby Skin

Zayan has Eczema so I am super cautious about what I use on his skin. All of the products I use on him are always fragrance free – including the wipes I use for his little bum. Scented products just make his skin irritable and make the Eczema a thousand times worse. Thankfully there’s Aveeno to help! I’ve used Eczema care wash, moisturizing lotion, shampoo and nighttime balm. AVEENO works like a charm!

Penaten Diaper Rash Cream This cream comes in a smoother consistency than their original product.

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes The only kind of wipes I use! Sensitive and perfume-free!

These products work for me and my baby, but some of the products may not work for yours. Every baby is different! I wasted a lot of money on baby items that other people had that I thought Zay needed, but now I wish I didn’t. I should’ve listened to my mommy friends when they warned me!



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