My Go-To Drugstore Products

My life is absolutely chaotic and I’m sure most mommies can agree. Today my husband spontaneously decides it’s date night. Yes, date night on a weekday. What has my life come to lol. I was not up for it because that would mean, getting my son ready (yes, he went with us lol), getting his diaper bag ready and then getting ready myself. But he insisted, I complied and I began getting ready. Meanwhile, my toddler is running around me in circles.

I finished doing my eye makeup and then I decided to try something different. Instead of using my go-to makeup products, I used drug store products. And I’m glad I did. I’ve used most of these products before but some I’m using for the first time. I was very impressed with how perfect these products turned out. Definitely worth every Penny.

The final look. Below is a list of everything I used.

Beauty doesn’t have to be expensive. And these items prove that.


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