Zayans Birth Story

Readers discretion is advised. Lol.

All jokes aside, my labour and delivery was not what I expected. I obviously didn’t think it would be all sunshine and rainbows but I also didn’t think it would be as traumatizing as it was.

Let’s get to it shall we. During the last month of my pregnancy the palms of my hands and soles of my feet were achingly itchy. But I didn’t think much of it and didn’t mention it to my doctor.

After sleepless nights, and all the discomfort I figured this isn’t normal. I needed to tell my doctor. Right away she ordered some blood work and it was confirmed that I had this condition called Cholestasis. A liver disorder that happens only in late pregnancy. Thanks hormones. With this condition there’s a risk of stillbirth and it wasn’t a risk I was willing to take. So at 38 weeks as soon as I was considered full term I decided to get induced.

Just a suggestion : I strongly urge pregnant women to just communicate with their doctors. Even if you’re experiencing the mildest discomfort. Just say it. When it’s about you or your baby, there is no holding back. There shouldn’t be.

Moving along. At 38 + 4 weeks on August 24th, I was scheduled to be induced and of course my doctor was on vacay. The on-call doctor was sure I was going to deliver the same day. That, did not happen.

WEDNESDAY 10:00 AM: I was administered the Prostaglandins gel to start induction. An hour later I was sent home and asked to come back at 7pm that same day. When I returned to the hospital there was no change in my condition and therefore was administered a second round of gel and then sent home again. (Honestly, I hated being sent home. As a first time mom I would’ve felt safer just staying at the hospital. I was stressing about my baby, how this was all going to unfold, and the fact that I didn’t know who was going to help deliver my baby).

WEDNESDAY 11:30 PM: I started to feel such intense pain and by 5:30 am Thursday morning the pain got so bad I couldn’t take it anymore. I was timing my contractions and they were just shy a minute so I knew I wasn’t contracting. But if I wasn’t contracting what in the world was this pain? Gel pains, that’s what it was. 1cm dilated I was sent home with some Tylenol 3 to help me sleep. I was sent home again and told to wait for them to call me in.

THURSDAY 2:00 PM: At this point I am still 1cm dilated. My doctor (Still no idea who) decides to use the Foley Bulb method for induction. By the way, the Tylenol wore off and I was dying. I had to wait until I was 4cm dilated to get the epidural but baby Zay just didn’t want to budge. At least one of us was comfortable *rolls eyes*. I was contracting every 2-3 minutes but they just wouldn’t last the 60 seconds.

THURSDAY 7:00 PM: I am about 3 cm at this point so my nurse suggests I try walking to help induce labour. So I did a few laps. I was having so much trouble standing through my contractions that I couldn’t walk much. After about an hour the Foley Bulb fell out and that meant I was finally 4 cm dilated! It was time for the epidural. Or so I thought.

THURSDAY 10:30 PM: It took 3.5 hours for someone to come and give me the epidural. It took 20 minutes for the epidural to work and it was such a relief. But it didn’t last long. At about 2:00 am I was having spotty pain relief. My catheter drifted and needed to be reinserted but I didn’t know that at the time.

FRIDAY 3:30 AM: So here I was feeling everything on my left side but nothing on my right. When I told my nurse she just gave me more medication because she thought it was just wearing off. So now my right side is even more numb and on my left side I feel this gush. I buzz my nurse and tell her, ” I think my water broke” and she says, ” It’s probably just your mucus plug”. Okay, she’s the expert. She would know better.

FRIDAY 4:00 AM: I buzzed the nurse again and told her that there was something wrong with the epidural. She comes in and when she lifts to check the catheter she notices that indeed, my water did break. And so she pages the doctor (whom I haven’t seen this entire time btw) to come and check to see how far dilated I am. The nurse then turns to my mom and husband and says ” You guys should go home, the baby isn’t going to come until tomorrow afternoon, or maybe in the evening”. My husband stayed but my mom went home.

FRIDAY 4:40 PM: As soon as my mom left, I felt so much pressure, I told the nurse that I need to push. She looks at me like I was lying or something and that’s when the resident doctor walks in. She’s just about to check to see if I’ve dilated and she stops; her eyes are wide open and she looks at the nurse and tells her to page the doctor right away. A second later she says prep for labour, the baby is crowning. My husband knew how important it was for me to have my mom there so he called her and told her to make her way back ASAP.

The labour room is all prepared for the delivery now, but there was still no sign of the doctor anywhere. I couldn’t control it anymore and I just had to push. My epidural wasn’t working so I’m feeling every sensation. The resident doctor and nurse decide to start the delivery process without the doctor. And as soon as I’m about to push, my mom walks in.

I’m exhausted, I haven’t slept, and I haven’t eaten in days and I had no energy to push. My body was giving up on me and then the nurse says “the baby’s heart rate is dropping, bring in the vacuum for extraction”. As soon as I heard that, I have no idea what happened to me but it was a rush of adrenaline. I told them the vacuum was not happening. And so I tried one last time.

FRIDAY AUGUST 26th, 5:07 AM my baby boy, Zayan Ahmed was born. 6 pounds and 10 ounces of pure bliss. I remember my thoughts of that moment so vividly. I was overwhelmed with happiness, he was perfect. My entire pregnancy I wondered how that moment would be and all I can say is, it was not what I expected. It was a million times better.





Isn’t he just gorgeous!




Now let me talk about my experience and how it would have been better if I had pleasant people around. I was stuck with nurses that were so uptight. They were rude, they wouldn’t listen to me, one was actually too busy on Facebook to answer my call. It was really disturbing. I had no doctor. A nurse and resident doctor delivered my baby. That to me, is a big no no.

I had a second degree tear and the resident doctor stitched it up. That’s 32 stitches which, ahem, were NOT done right. They were supposed to dissolve if properly stitched but, they didn’t. I had to go back 6 weeks after to get re-stitched. Everything they did in regards to me was careless and could’ve been prevented. To say the least I was scarred. I think I still am lol. But was it worth it?

Yes, it was.


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